Board of Trustees & Team Members


Board of Trustees

Ohio Revised Code: 3375.06 County free public library – appointment of trustees.

In any county in which the board of county commissioners has accepted a gift or bequest pursuant to volume 122, Ohio Laws, page 166, section I at “Sec. 2454,” a county free public library shall be established for the use of all of the inhabitants of the county. Such library shall be under the control and management of a board of library trustees consisting of seven members. The trustees shall be qualified electors of the county and shall be appointed by the court of common pleas of the county in which the library is situated. Board members shall serve for a term of six years, but the initial term of the seventh board member may be for the number of years set by the court, not to exceed six years. All vacancies on the board of library trustees shall be filled by the court by appointment for the unexpired term. The members of the board of library trustees shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties. The board of library trustees shall organize as provided by section 3375.32 of the Revised Code. The board of library trustees shall have the control and management of the county free public library, and in the exercise of the control and management shall be governed by sections 3375.33 to 3375.41 of the Revised Code. This section does not affect the term of any member of a board of library trustees of a county free public library appointed prior to January 1, 2013.

Amended by 129th General Assembly File No.140,SB 321, §1, eff. 1/1/2013.


Board of Trustee Meetings

The Paulding County Board of Trustees meetings are traditionally held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the main library meeting room. However, meeting  times/dates are subject to change. Public notice will be sent to local media and announced on the library website of meeting times. Contact the library for information about upcoming board meetings. All meetings are open to the public. 


The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees traditionally meets the Thursday before the Board meeting at the main library at 1:15 p.m. Call the library for exact meeting times at 419-399-2032.


Board Members

President: Sue Derck, Antwerp

Vice-President: Charlene Grant, Defiance (Paulding County)

Secretary: N. Corey Walker, Paulding


Ron Etzler, Payne

Terry Wehrkamp, Paulding

Deedi Miller, Oakwood

Kacey Willitzer, Paulding




Library Team

Main Library

Director: Susan Hill Pieper
Fiscal Officer: Michelle Stahl

Assistant Director/Head of Adult: Alice McCauley


Head of Youth Services: Susan Deatrick

Head of Technical & Computer Services: Teresa Reel
Coordinator of Inter-Library Loan & Technical Services Assistant: Jen Habern
Library Clerk & Early Literacy Specialist: Kirk Baker
Library Clerk & Genealogy Specialist: Kelly Taylor

Library Clerks:
Jamy Manson (PT)

Vicki Wilhelm
Jonne Culler (PT)


Antwerp Branch Library


Branch Manager: Sara Molitor

Library Clerk: Stephanie McCullough


Cooper Community Branch Library in Oakwood

Branch Manager: Sarah Finnegan

Library Clerk: Pam Kretz


Payne Branch Library


Branch Manager: Suzi Yenser

Library Clerk: Laina Gross




Bookmobile Manager: Kathy Heffley

Bookmobile Driver/Library Clerk: Tawnya English