The Paulding County Carnegie Library Board of Trustees has identified Create, Retain and Encourage Young Readers: Emerging, Early, and Sustaining Literacy as the number one service role. The library will provide children from birth through middle school programs and services designed to ensure that they will better equipped to enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen; as well as be able to continuously improve their literacy skills. We believe that if children are exposed to books and reading at an early age, they will be better equipped to become life-long readers and able to make informed decisions about their lives.   The Paulding County Carnegie Library’s Children’s Services Department provides access to the world of reading and information for children of all ages. From birth to tween, from parent to teacher, our well-trained staff will connect you with the books and materials to enrich, entertain and inform.  

Battle of the Books

For over twenty-five years, the library has sponsored and coordinated a county-wide reading competition between fifth and sixth grade teams from county schools. Home-schooled students have also participated with teams as well as students from Divine Mercy school. Teams made up of up to six students read fifty books and are then quizzed during a competition first at the school level and then at the county level for the championship. Each school library receives up to twenty-five new books each year. Thanks to the generous donations from Lafarge Corp and area professionals, the cost of the books is covered as well as t-shirts and medals.


Introducing reading, literature and the library to preschoolers is an important component in childhood literacy development and the number one service response as identified by the Board of Trustees during their Strategic Planning Sessions. Our youth services department is a preschooler’s door to learning. Our professional and talented staff strive to offer quality theme-based storytimes that, in addition to a story, may include: music, crafts, dancing and interactive fun. Call 419-399-2032 for scheduling and more information.

Youth Programs and Family Events

The Youth Services Department plans events throughout the year to introduce children and their families to the library and the importance of reading.    

Fall Extravaganza

  From Willy Wonka to the Wizard of Oz to Return to Neverland, our award-winning programs amaze and inspire the entire family while at the same time, reinforcing the importance of books and reading.  

Creative Art

Time is set aside each month for children to visit the library and create art projects in a variety of mediums.   

Lego Club

Each month children meet to create objects out of legos and other building blocks. Many times there is a competition involved, but there is always fun!  

Maker & Creative Spaces

In 2017, new Maker & Creative Spaces will be incorporated into each library location. Each branch library, including the Children’s Room, will include resources such as 3D printers, rocketry and robotics kits, building tools, weaving looms, painting supplies, coding resources and much more.  

Baby and Me Storytimes

Bring your new baby and learn how to interact with books, music, rhythm and more. It is never too early to begin reading to your child.  

Youth Services Team

Beginning in early 2017, Susan Deatrick will lead our youth services team. Mrs. Deatrick brings with her experience in planning programs for teens as well as a broad background of youth work in 4-H. With our very own award-winning Kooky Kirk Baker as part of her team, these two make this department a great place for young and old kids. Kirk has been with the library since 1999, holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Studies and History from Defiance College.  Kirk is a Library Clerk and also is the library’s Early Literacy Specialist. Baker connects our youngest readers to books, reading and the excitement of the library. His storytimes also inform and teach parents and caregivers how to interact and read aloud to children.