Introducing reading, literature and the library to preschoolers is an important component in childhood literacy development and the number one service response as identified by the Board of Trustees during their Strategic Planning Sessions. Our youth services department is a preschooler’s door to learning and helps build the foundation necessary to create new readers.


Storytimes introduce young children to the excitement of books, allow them to gather and interact as a group and also provides ideas for parents and caregivers to try at home when reading aloud to their child. The parent/caregiver is the child’s first reading teacher. Children’s librarians are part of that early literacy partnership.


Storytimes help children develop the skills they will need when learning how to read such as:

  • Describing events and pointing to objects
  • Understanding how to handle a book and that printed words have meaning
  • Anticipating what might happen next
  • Hearing how words sound
  • Listening to an animated reader provides excitement about stories and books
  • Understanding a story has a beginning, middle and end

Storytimes are sometimes the first introduction to routine a preschooler may experience outside of the home. The routine of a storytime may include a wecoming time; time for sharing picturebooks and storytelling, time for puppets and props to enhance the story; time for music, dance or theater; craft time; refreshment time; and, going home time. Our dedicated and talented staff strive to offer quality theme-based storytimes that, in addition to a story, may include: music, crafts, dancing and interactive fun. Call 419-399-2032 for scheduling and more information.